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Friday, 23 March 2012

Feather Wedding Theme

A feather wedding theme? How on earth could feathers be tastefully used as part of a wedding?, you may be asking.
Ah, but do not dismiss the idea of decorating your wedding (and yourself) with feathers before you read this...
What is the first thing that comes to your  mind when you think of feathers? Is it the headdresses worn by Vegas showgirls? Is it the ostrich plumes on a British woman's hat?
If this is all that you have seen of feathers, you may not realize that they can be used in a multitude of tasteful and modern ways to add interest to your wedding theme.
A great place to think about using feathers is in the bridal attire and accessories. One of the prettiest places to wear them is in your hair. Several small white feathers tucked into a chignon end up looking very soft and feminine, almost like flower petals.
Sometimes feathers are actually crafted into the shape of a flower, but unlike fresh blooms, this one will not wilt in your hair.
If you are wearing crystal bridal jewelry, then add a cluster of Swarovski crystals to the center of your feather flower. Not only will it tie the hair accessory in with your bridal jewelry, but the addition of crystals will give just the right sparkle to your wedding hairdo.
feather wedding gown 
Feather Wedding Dress
Feathers can also be used on the bride's dress. A great 1920s look is to finish the hem of a dress with a row of feathers.
This look is especially fabulous on a knee length wedding dress. The feathers will float and sway as you move. It is a style that is both chic and vintage at the same time.

If you are not daring enough to bedeck yourself with feathers, you can still use them to add flair to your feather wedding theme décor.
One of the best places to use them is in the bridal bouquets and centerpieces. White feathers work beautifully in combination with a bouquet of all-white flowers.
Use them around the outside of the bouquet to add texture and movement.
For the table centerpieces, you can use longer feathers to create a very unique and dramatic effect.
Imagine an ornate display of white flowers in a very tall vase.  As is, it would be formal and very beautiful. but not necessarily unique.
Now picture snowy white feathers cascading over the sides of the vase. Suddenly, your centerpieces are transformed from pretty but safe to something much more spectacular and memorable.
For brides who really embrace the feather concept, there are lots of other ways to use them.
Instead of having your guests throw rice or birdseed as you leave the ceremony, give them downy little feathers to toss. The feathers wafting in the air make a great photo opportunity.
You can also have your flower girl sprinkle a path of feathers instead of petals as she walks down the aisle. And don't forget about the plume pen for the guest book!
One of the best ways to make your wedding memorable is to use some unexpected design elements. and a feather wedding theme is a great way that you can create something that is unexpected, but also surprisingly elegant.
So if you are looking for a way to make your wedding stand out, try decorating with feathers. Here is a really simple idea that you can do yourself by Koyal Wholesale.

You can get all the supplies direct from the wholesaler just click here for ostrich plumes and other supplies.

Feather Wedding Theme Ideas

Feather Wedding Fan
Carry a feather fan instead of a bridal bouquet
Feather Bridal Bouqet
Make a statement and surround your bridal bouquet with a large feather collar
Feather Wedding flowers
or incorporate feathers as part of your bridal bouquet

Feather Bridal Bouqet

Feather Wedding Theme
Use feathers to decorate your hair

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