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Thursday, 10 November 2011

General Care & Cleaning Tips for Upholstery

After purchasing a piece of upholstered furniture, it is important to know proper cleaning methods to ensure your item maintains its new appearance for years to come. By following a few simple cleaning tips, you can obtain the maximum amount of use out of your couch, chair or ottoman.
• When cleaning your upholstery, use a cleaner that also deodorizes, is safe for your fabric and does not contain any harsh chemicals. Also, be sure to lightly brush or vacuum your furniture prior to cleaning. This will prevent dirt from entering the fabric while you clean.
• Apply cleanser to stains using a strong brush. When cleaning, do not rub or scrub the fabric too harshly.
• Use a damp sponge or cloth to remove the remaining cleanser after a minute or two.
• After cleansing, be sure your fabric dries thoroughly. To dry your furniture more quickly, leave a window open or run a fan nearby.
• Consider using a cover to protect your furniture if you have animals or small children. This will help you avoid stains.
• Once a week, remove dirt from the fabric by lightly brushing or vacuuming your upholstered piece. This will prevent dirt from entering the fabric and assist in preserving its appearance.
• Turn or reverse the cushions on your furniture often so they wear evenly. This will also allow you to notice stains sooner. If you do observe a stain, remember to clean upholstered furniture with the weakest solution possible.

While cleaning upholstered fabrics may not always be simple, putting time into caring for your furniture will ultimately be a rewarding task. After all, upholstered fabrics that have been properly cared for can retain their appearance for several years.

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